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pipes. plummeting temperatures creating problems around the bay, and tonight it woo get worse. we have team coverage. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm ama date. we start with leigh glaser. >> and temperatures tonight, ama, 1 again below freezing. the freeze warnings have been posted for much of the bay area and into the early morning hours. live doppler 7hd right now is showing that we do have clear skies, but here is a look at those warnings. we have included bay shoreline overnight tonight as a freeze warning. you can see the dark purple east bay and interior valley as well as the santa clara valley. this is in anticipation of temperatures dropping from the low 30s to the 20s. there is just one location.
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the light purple shading on the map and san francisco, they are under a frost advisory with anticipated temperatures in the mid to low 30s. pets, pipes and plants need to be protected. we have a little bit of wind out there. that could possibly hold temperatures up. we'll take a look at that. >> frosty windshields are just part of the problem you will face when the temperatures plummet. john alston is live tonight. john? >> ama, the temperature may be p droing faster tonight -- may be dropping faster tonight than last night. we caught up with one person who was working well past night far to repair the damage from last night's cold snap you have heard about pipes bursting in the freezing cold, this is what happens on your roof. paul brenin was on top of his mother's home doing damage control. >> we find out they are broken when it is late in the day. it is always dark by the time
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we are fixing them. i have to go to the store and buy the parts and come here and make sure i buy the right parts and then i hope everything works out all right. >> like it or not that's what he is. cutting out the copper piping that burst and saudiering new sections to get the hot water flowing again. >> hopefully it gets done. we will see what happens. worse case i sit here and keep soldering. >> with the low around a 11:00 p.m. and it hit a low of 26 degrees more than seven hours later. who knows how long the pipes were spewing water, but there are still puddles on top of his mom's flat roofed home. >> i snuggled back in bed thinking it was raining. turns out my water pipes busted and it flood my atrium. and i haven't had water all day. >> they hope foam insulation will keep them safe. this couple was enjoying an ice cream sunday in the cold.
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>> we are the only ones out here. >> somebody told us we were brave for being out here. >> and this family was enjoying their regular sunday stroll. >> tonight we had to put so extra blankets and jackets, but we weren't going to miss our sunday ritual because it was cold. >> now to our friend who was fixing the pipes, we tackled four leaks and covered the pipes with insulation. tonight will be another test as the low is smeked it to hit -- expected to hit 25 degrees. abc7 news. >> thank you, john. >> citrus growers face the fourth night of freezing temperatures in the san juaquin valley. 28-degree p temperatures for more than a few hours can add up to millions in losses. breaking news more violence in oakland. that's on top of 10 other shootings since friday. olympic oakland -- oakland
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city is about to make an announcement. >> five people were hit in a spray of bullets tonight. one neighbor heard a number of shots. >> i heard anything between six and 12 shots. i was in the house washing dishes. >> oakland police are trying to get a handle on four deadly shootings. from sky 7hd you can see officers where one of the victims was hit. in the wake of the violence, oakland's vice mayor called for a state of emergency in the city. newly elected city councilmember supports that call. >> that directive is being given to the administrator to work with our legal council to approach jerry brown. >> the city leaders wrapped up a conference call to coordinate what they say is a major announcement tomorrow. a spokesperson says the public deserves a strong and fast reaction to the violence on friday. that conference call wrapped up and shots were fired in this neighborhood.
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as police collected clues from the latest shooting, he could not share details about monday's announcement or what a state of emergency in oakland might mean. but city leaders at all levels are working together and are seeking support from other agencies to stem the violence. >> the police chief will inform the public in terms of the support we receive from law enforcement outside of oaknd la. and secondly some of the actions that have occurred over the weekend. we are not going to tolerate that anymore. >> abc7 news. >> and stay with abc7 news. we will have updates on our website and on the abc7 morning news at 4:30. a 25-year-old man who police say raped a san francisco woman during a robbery is in custody tonight. jones is facing burglary and other charges. authorities say jones forced his way into the victim's telegraph hill residence.
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a neighbor called 9-1-1. jones jumped off a balcony and was found hiding in the backyard of a nearby home. firefighters got the call just before 3:30 about a house on fire on higera road. this is in unincorporated san jose. all six people in the two-story house including the family dog had gotten out safely. fire officials believe the flames started on the wood shingle roof. crews are on scene looking for hotspots. >> they are still trying to find the cause of a fire that destroyed a mobile home. nothing seems suspicious. firefighters arrived shortly before 5:00 to find the unit fully involved. the man who lived in the unit got out safely. firefighters managed to put out the flames before the fire could spread. and president obama helped in a failed effort to rescue a french citizen in somalia.
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french forces continue to bomb north of mali. they are not scared anymore. the president added helping the french is in the interest of u.s. security. the hostage is almost certainly dead. >> more problems tonight for boeing's 787 dreamliner. the japanese maintenance crew found problems with the 787 that spilled fuel in boston. also last week there was a fire on a 787. experts say it is just a matter of working the bugs out. >> there was something wrong with this plane. there is nothing seriously wrong with the 787. >> we are confident about the safety of the aircraft. but be are concerned about these incidents and we will conduct the review until we are completely satisfied. >> officials believe the
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lighter and more fuel efficient plane is important to the future of aviation. mendocino county will fight the government over pot. they issued a subpoena of medicals of the medical marijuana permitting program. federal officials want to know who uh plied for the permits and the works. they say it is private medical and financial information. next stop, atlanta. the 49ers and their fans learned they will play on the road next sunday with the winner going to the super bowl. the 49ers sent green bay packing. the atlanta falcons defeated the seahawks 30-28. coming up a bit later, the hot new trend coming out of yesterday's niners game. shark fans cheered as the team took the ice in san jose. the players returned to work after team owners and the union agreed on a new player contract. >> hope they are ready to go all the way though. have been waiting for awhile for that.
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practice will be open to fans tomorrow as well. they open their schedule on january 24th. we will hear from the players in sports. still to come on abc news the a 11:00, a scramble to get guns and ammo as they make plans to increase gun control. what is coming up next week. and growing flu fierce as it closes in on california. how to protect yourself before you get sick. and it is the build up before the oscars next month.
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sandy hook elementary students have different opinions on what should be done with the school. 200 people attended a meeting at newtown high school. some want the school demolished and a memorial built on the property. others want it rinna straighted and the areas where the tragedy happened removed. another meeting is set for this week. this week we will learn what the obama administration wants to do about guns in the wake of the connecticut shooting. vice president biden is is putting the finishing touches on a list of proposals. tomorrow he is expected to meet with members of the house of representatives. all of this as people flock to gun shows. >> the president of the national rifle association says the nra has enough votes at the moment to block a ban on military-style rifles. >> the likely hood is they are not going to get an assault weapons ban through coming. >> joe biden is set to liver
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his proposals for tougher laws to president obama this week. she expected to recommend reinstituting the assault rifle ban. one was passed in 1994 and expired 10 years later with its effectiveness still debated. universal background checks are required only when a gun is purchased at a retailer. new checks would close the so-called gun show loophole and go even further requiring a check for any private sale of a gun. and limiting magazine clips. some call it a war on amo banning high capacity clips, limiting them to perhaps 10 wounds. 10 rounds. top democratic law i can makers asking for them to suspend until it ends. >> assault rifles and magazine clips are falling off the shelves. >> ironically all of the talk caused a near stampeed of gun buying. people lined up around the block at this gun show in man manchester, new hampshire. another gun show drew
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protesters from both sides. >> this is an opportunity to stand up against gun violence. >> the vast, vast, vast majority of people use guns responsibly and legally. >> and a run on amo. >> there has been more demand. >> and it has left big gaps on the am ammunition lockers. >> the debate will intensity this week. abc news, new york. >> president obama's inauguration was a week away. they played the -- as the horses clopped down the avenue. the public swearing in and the parade will be on monday. a bit of surprise at the golden globe awards in beverly hills. >> and the golden globe goes to "argo." >> it ran hostage thriller
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beat out "lincoln" and" zero dark 30" and he collected best director honors. the other winners include "lemis" and done chetle for house of lives and jessica chastain for best actor -- actress and daniel day day-lewis. you can watch the oscars live on sunday february 24th. you can share your oscar picks and do the my picks app on facebook. it is available on happen pell, an droid and kindle devices. >> a no pants day. they go on public transit in their under wear. these were bart riders in san francisco. they were asked to be straight faced and people not in on the joke. organizers of the event want to inject what they call zaniness into everyday
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routines. >> most definitely put some pants on. another cold night headed for the bay area. let's get to it. live doppler 7hd is clear and dry. i want to show you the lows from this morning. it was cold this morning. 26 degrees and livermore down to 25. it was 35 this morning and that was the low in oakland. 24 in santa rosa. tomorrow morning overnight temperatures much like we felt this morning. we will continue with inland locations in the mid to low 20s, 24 expected low for livermore and 25 for santa rosa. but when we get into the tuesday time period you will notice things starting to warm up a bit.
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so the trend is that we get through tonight and toss blee in through tuesday morning and then we will definitely start to feel temperatures and the numbers will start to come up. here is our current readings. 45 in novato and napa 402. 42. it is 30 in concord. 38 in livermore. 39 in san jose. and let me bring in the wind here. winds out of the north at 12 at napa and what that is doing is keeping the napa temperature in the 40s right now. two hours ago they dropped into the midto upper 30s. the inned with picked up -- the wind picked up and it helped to warm them back into the 40s. we will see a little bit of wind in the north bay overnight. that could possibly keep temperatures warmer than last night. we will have to just pick and
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choose and look at that tomorrow morning. it will be a cool morning for the next couple days, and then by the end of the workweek, get ready for more sunshine and warmer temperatures. here is what we will go with the lows. given the calm winds, napa 25 and 36 san francisco. inland locations, 24 for livermore and 29 for ante -- for antioch. and things will change. the cold parcel of air that settled over the pacific northwest, it will get a nice kick in the next 24 to 36 hours. the high pressure starts to build in. it pushes the cold bubble of air toward the east coast. it will bring us dry and warmer conditions as we head through the midweek and the temperatures climb back into the 60s. something to look forward to. here is a look at our highs with plenty of sunshine and a cold start.
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we will warm to the mid to low 50s. 51 for clear like -- clear lake. it is still in the upper 40s and we will look for a string of mid to low 50s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, temperatures start to warm and daytime highs as we work our week through thursday and friday. we return back to the 60s and mike will be here and the news 4:30 until 7:00. >> perfect, thank you, leigh. >> good morning america's robin roberts has a big announcement sure to make you smile. that is tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. mike shumann is here with sports. and we are down to -- we are getting down to it. >> we are getting down to it and have an opponent for the 49ers. patriots and ravens and the falcons and the niners will battle in the nfc.
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is set. 49ers travel to the atl to take on the falcons who blew the lead twice against seattle and found a way to win. matt ryan is looking for his first playoff win. he is on his mission from god. the first citing is tony gonzalez in the first. he wasn't done. 47-yard touchdown and 20-0 at the half. they were up 20 and the second 20-point lead. they scored 21 unanswered points. this one to zach miller. 34 seconds remaining and lynch gives seattle the first lead of the game 28-27. 31 seconds and plenty of time. two deep passes including the 19 yarder to gonzalez and puts them in field goal range. matt bryant and a 49 yarder for the win.
11:24 pm
he misses and pete carroll calls a time-out to freeze the kicker. 49ers and falcons a week from today at noon for the championship. 30-28 the final. in the afc, the pa i tree jets and texas -- the patriots and texans. shane green and one-yard touch. brady screen pass to green. he walks into the end zone. texas answered and aryan foster finds pay dirt. 17-13 at the half. 14 points in the third. braye be threw for 344 and three touches. this one to brandon lloyd. the player of the game, ouch what this catch. unreal. 124 total yards of offense. 41-28 the final. patriots get the ravens for a second straight year. brief timeout and the warriors ran out of oxygen. yet another rookie has won on
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the pga tour. and the first full field event of the year in hawaii. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true.
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mile high city to face the nuggets who are 13-2 at home. they blew the lead and handed denver the season high fifth straight win. he is confident he will return this season, but now just a spectatorment the two handed jam. 23 points and 13 boards. curry with a superb night. 29 points. warriors lead by two at the half. start the fourth with a 19-2 run. it was 37-18 in the final frame. watch this final stagger, the warriors lost three of the last four. miami heat in town on wednesday. college hoops and cal is the last to beat stanford. stanford is still down four.
11:29 pm
cal was too much. hit four of her six. then britney boyd lead everyone with 19 points. cal and stanford 81-game conference streak. the ozzy open and venus williams kicked things off. despite being away she had 21 winners and finishes with the backhand winner on match point. joe caw very much is looking to become the first male to win three straight titles. easily taken the first two sets. he is moving on with a straight set victory. let's tee it up. what a tournament for russell henley. he was the first rookie to win his debut in 10 years. he was draining birdies on the
11:30 pm
final five holes and shot a seven under 63 and finished at 24 under. he finishes with that birdie on 18. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. sharks are back on the ice and we will hear from the men in teal later in this newscast. >> and our viewers are picking up on the hot new trend called kaepernicking after yesterday's game. this viewer kissing his arm like the quarterback did during a touchdown celebration. and here is another viewer in the act. i have to say he ran it in. it is not like he threw it in. am i the only one here? we want to see your 49er pride. send your photos in, and we will be posting them at and we might show yours on the air. still to come, as you get ready to head back to school and air, what you need to know to keep from catching the flu. and the group trying to make the healing process easier for cancer patients. and the battle against
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ [ female announcer ] go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds with totino's pizza rolls and grab a bite of snack-defying, satisfying...
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i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, oakland officials say enough is enough. five people were wounded in a drive by shooting tonight making a total of 15 wounded in the city since friday when four people were also killed. they want a state of emergency declared. the mayor will make an announcement tomorrow. a family of six and their dog escaped safely from a fire in their home in san jose. it took them three hours to con con -- control the flames. it was expected to have started on the wood shingle roof. it was so cold in contra costa county water pipeses froze and burst. the temperatures are supposed to creep a bit higher this week. as you think about heading back to work tomorrow, it is
11:35 pm
time to start thinking about how to fight the flu. in california doctors are preparing for an olslaut of patients. >> monday morning and tens of millions of americans are going back to school and going back to work and eating in crowded cafeterias and rubbing elbows with everyone around them of the it is a fine time to catch the flu from the person just next to you. >> refrigerator handle, microwaves, tv remotes, light switches and door handles, keyboards and things like that are germy. >> your atm or going to the post office or pumping gas. >> i never thought about the gas pumps. everybody touches it. ii can imagine it would be dirty. >> the danger is lurks everywhere. >> every day you had a flu shot. you are better protected than you were the day before. >> not all children whose developing i'm newspaper systems systems -- immune systems can get the flu shot.
11:36 pm
they are now allowing pharmacies to vaccinate babies to teens. lack of supply and lack of training and insurance issues prevent them from protecting the young. >> the children who are not healthy and parents who don't have primary insurance and rely on these pharmacies and these rm working clinics it is sad. >> and for those children who have the flu, there is just one wish. >> it is so the doctors here can make me better. >> larry jacobs, abc news, new york. >> if your family needs to get flu shots we have a list of resources available at including the shu the flu program where kids can get them for free. they hope surveillance video have helped men steel from one apartment video. the building manager says the two men worked together to break into all 32 mailboxes.
11:37 pm
they snatched bag loads of mail. the landlord still needs to repair the broken lock. this man did not want to share his name. >> they haven't changed the locks on the box. they are the only ones that do that. he has to take the mail and distribute it to each of the tenants. >> the mail includes important tax documents like a w2 that could help fuel identity theft. a popular pizza restaurant in san francisco has been hit with a fine for noncompliance. they will pay $320,000 in a settlement agreement. the money goes to provide health care benefits to their current and former employ es. the city puts a 4% surcharge on customers' checks. the restaurant didn't use most of the money for its stated purpose. a lake tahoe community is taking on bears. a new law will target people.
11:38 pm
multiple violations could result in a thousand dollar fine. other tahoe communities have passed similar laws. >> in florida snake hunters are having a field day. they are armed and ready to wipe out the better meze -- burmese pythons. >> some 800 hunters with a license to kill, pythons. they are reportedly crawling with up to a hundred thousand pythons and many of them pets. hunters are vying for the $1500 pot for the longest snake. many bristling with guns, but not so much knowledge. >> i hunt for the brown bear. >> and lions. >> aren't those endangered?
11:39 pm
>> we teamed up with the duo hunting a hourlies. but first a little python 101. >> it is a little brighter than it should be. it doesn't quite register. you are looking for something that could look like maybe a log. >> a log-in the everglades, a solid object. >> that's easy to find. >> he is the country's first licensed python hunter. >> over this entire month i will be floored if the total was 25 snakes. 800 hunters, a month of hunting and 25 snakes you think? >> that's because they are convinced there are barely 10,000 pythons out here. driving into the everglades and you have them feeling confident. >> what do you think your chances are of finding a python? >> gad, real good. >> and to the t. >> a 12 gauge shotgun. >> 38 revolverrer. >> and those not. the brush is thick.
11:40 pm
they spot something slithering into the water. >> you can make him move. >> nothing. we leave them hacking into the brush with a long night and a month of hunting ahead. matt gutman, abc news, miami. they are cooking for a cause. the bay area teens working in the kitchen to help combat cancer. and this week's box office leaders. and our accu-weather seven-day forecast. looks like the temperatures
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here is a sobering fact. in sonoma county alone, 3,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. that means 3,000 people and their families are struggling with the impact of treatments and life complications. tonight wayne freedman tell tells us about a nonprofit group that is making the healing process easier. >> we will do an apple. >> the tasks we take for granted, making a meal. try it when recovering from a leukemia treatment. >> i could lie in bad and not eat. >> it was a complete and staggering change from the life she used to have as a mechanic, an illness that just came on one day.
11:44 pm
>> i was tired and went home and had a chest pain. >> based on her diagnosis she should be gone by now. she says she out lived it main be because of the high school kids that work in this kitchen. >> nothing to do with college. it is just fun for me. >> reporter: she will swim on scholarship for the university of texas next year. in the meantime our work at this nonprofit has taught her how to cook and taught all of the kids how lucky they are to be healthy. >> the purpose is empower the teenagers and to learn about the connection between food and health and for them to get connected with their community. he -- >> he is a combination of chef and teacher. every one of the meals will be for critically ill people for darlene and their families. >> i spend six to eight
11:45 pm
hours. i was exhausted and hungry. what are you going to eat? >> it is a complicated menu. especially for a bunch of teenagers. it is on the refrigerator, chicken legs, mushrooms. all of that for 65 people. and it is a bargain. they provide four meal a week all extras and tailored to individual patient needs. >> it was more than them showing up on thursday night with a bag of food. the interest is from start to finish. >> so in a world where you hear mostly about the people on the take, here is something good to take away. teenage kids thinking beyond themselves. so much in fact they have helped to extend a life. >> i am alive because of this. >> reporter: from sonoma con teal, wayne freedman, abc7 news. "zero dark 30" took over
11:46 pm
the box office. >> you don't think she is young for the hard stuff. >> the osama bin laden raid drama took first place earning $24 million in the first weekend in wide released. the film that opened in a limited won -- run won best picture. "gangster squad" opened below expectations and oscar nominees" django unchanged" and "lemi s" topped the top fipples. 23eu78s. they strapped on ice skates and glided across the rink. the rink has been up since november and is set to close. if you want to get out there and and -- out there do it quickly. >> it is getting chilly out there. don't forget about the freeze warnings. from 2:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
11:47 pm
expect the temperatures to drop below the freezing mark. tam cam is moving as the northerly winds are affecting us. let's get to the expected lows! 20 in the north bay. napa 25. moderate temperatures, if you can call it that near the coast and the bay with 36, 32 for oakland. interior east bay, a chilly bone cold night with antioch 29. the temperatures back east and the showers well all of this will be pushing off the coast. 63 degrees and some scattered showers. and it will be colder behind the front with st. louis 29 and denver light snow at 17. here is a look at the numbers around our state. fresno with sunshine 51. 56 for los angeles. 30 degrees tomorrow for tahoe. the accu-weather seven-day
11:48 pm
forecast, a couple more cold mornings and then get ready for nice, milder temperatures. by midweek and the end of the week the temperatures are into the 60s. i am excited. >> thank you, leigh. speaking of icy cold things. >> ice rinks. hockey fans rejoice. slashings and the rest of the nhl starts
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
better late than never. nll lockout officially ended yesterday. teams wasted no time getting back to work. this afternoon the players practiced in front of a packed house. sharks gave their fans a salute to thank them for the patience. then it was back to work as the boys in teal have seven days to prepare for sunday's season opener in calgary. not only must they prepare for the season, but winning back angry hockey fans. >> we have the best fans in sports. it was nice. we have big smiles on our face and glad to be back. >> it will be a process. highway patrolfully -- hopefully not take too long it is what it is. someplaces will be more giving than others. >> the warriors were in mile
11:52 pm
high city to face the nuggets. golden state ran out of options blowing a 10-point lead. it will be great to get him back. he promises he will be back, this season but a spectator until then. 23 points, 13 boards and steph curry knocked down seven three's. lead by two at the half. the going get started the fourth with a 19-2 run. warriors win it in the final frame. reid puts a dagger in the heart here. it was 11 sikdz-105 -- 116-105 that final. the last team to beat stanford in 2009 for women. stanford still down four. cal was too much. 14 points off the bench and bears up 8 at the half.
11:53 pm
make it to the rack and cal and stanford's conference with the victory. the nfc championship game is set. 49ers will travel to hot-lanta to take on the falcons. they found a way to win. matt ryan is -- never won a playoff game and determined to do that. gonzalez in the back of the end zone. he wasn't done. the second quarter and 47 yards. ryan threw for 250 yards. two minutes left for the third and the shuffle pass. 27-10 sphal con -- falcons. wilson threw for 385 and two td's. hawks down six and they take their first lead. 28-27 and now 31 seconds left and two deep passes including this 19 yarder to gonzalez and puts them in field goal range
11:54 pm
49 yarder for the win. how smart. he gets another chance and you know he will make that. 49ers take on the falcons for the nfc title. >> we know it is a difficult thing to do. you are playing against the best teams in the nfl. you feel you can get it done. in the afc, the patriots and texans in new england. pats running back with the one-yard touchdown and they are up 7-3. late second and tom brady and screen pass. i think he is open. it is 17-3. texas answers with 10 points in the final two minutes. foster's only touchdown of the game. brady and company and threw for 344.
11:55 pm
player of the game was vareen. he lays out, unreal. he had three td's and 41-28 the final. ravens will play next sunday for the second straight year. tennessee's first major of the year. the australian open began down under. venus williams is back on the court. despite being away from the game for seven months with an illness she had 21 winners. moves on in straight sets. sharapova also a winner. for the men's looking to become the first male to win three straight open titles. easily takes the first two, third set and match point and watch this shot. hits the corner and a straight victory. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. jim harbaugh speaks tomorrow and we will have it at 6:00. >> thank you, shu. and thank you for joining us.
11:56 pm
that is it for this edition. abc morning news continues tomorrow morning. thank you for joining us. the abc7 news exclusive alarm clock app is available for your android phone or tablet, the iphone and kindle fire. you can download it fry tunes, the amazon app store and
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alright let's break it down. mom, pop it.
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